The Danger of Being Alone Together

We’ve never been more connected to as many people as we are today. In the past, the majority of friends from our childhood or college days would have drifted into anonymity as we moved on to another stage in life. Changing jobs and moving to a different city would have meant a new set ofContinue reading “The Danger of Being Alone Together”

The Weight of the World

It has never been easier to complain about the troubles of this life. Never have we had more avenues for releasing our grief about our latest trial. Every time I open social media, a news website or even listen to dinner conversations, I hear dark perspectives on the present, the future or overall dissatisfaction. ButContinue reading “The Weight of the World”

Reacting to the News from Turkey

In recent days, the news from Turkey seems to be producing the wrong kind of headlines. Bombings in Ankara, Istanbul, and Diyarbakir Attacks on personal freedoms and freedom of the press Threats against minorities and their properties Dark tales of loss of refugee life and abuse of displaced peoples In light of news like this,Continue reading “Reacting to the News from Turkey”