The Grace Effect by Larry Alex Taunton – Book Review

If you live in the United States or in most of the western world, you benefitted from grace recently, if not today. You may not recognize it, but it is present because of the Hope of those who came before you. I encourage you to read this book as beautiful illustration or both Grace and it’s absence.

Distracted, Divided, Dependent

Someone wants you distracted. Someone wants you divided. Someone wants you dependent. You have a choice.

Begin Again…Again

As we resolve to be better in 2021, we don’t have to be better alone, we should be better together. We should think of ways to motivate one another to act of love and good works, we should not neglect meeting together. Let’s resolve above all things in 2021 to not wait until 2022 to live together under the freedom of being slaves to righteousness in Christ.