Heavy Hearts Abound

The world is full of strife and anger 
Clashing spirits, sometimes danger 
We look without and find conflict brewing 
We withdraw within and begin our stewing
Former friends are now far removed 
Memories lost as reality, soothed 
We turn away and walk out of the room 
A closing door will mark our doom
Now we sit alone surrounded by a wall 
Divisions created growing ever tall 
Fuel for this separation is ever present 
Screens before us ever aid our descent 
It is not good for man to be alone… 
Is a verse for marriage, but also for home 
A house divided cannot stand 
We should join together, join the band
Can the damage be undone? 
A divided many become one? 
The world will tell you it cannot be 
The truth is, it is impossible for you and me
Our hope is not in governments, policies or the words of man 
The only hope is in Jesus, and in His truths we must stand

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