Mass Shootings are Evil

Mass shootings are one expression of evil in our society today. This evil impacts the lives of all involved. We can help fight it or contribute to it.

Hostility put to Death

Humans love to create groups, categories and divisions. How many times have you heard someone say, “there are only 2 kinds of people…” Some of these divisions are harmless and fun, but some of them have the long term impact of dividing us into tribes to which we end up pledging our loyalty, whether intentionallyContinue reading “Hostility put to Death”

Reacting to the News from Turkey

In recent days, the news from Turkey seems to be producing the wrong kind of headlines. Bombings in Ankara, Istanbul, and Diyarbakir Attacks on personal freedoms and freedom of the press Threats against minorities and their properties Dark tales of loss of refugee life and abuse of displaced peoples In light of news like this,Continue reading “Reacting to the News from Turkey”